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"In an age where unprecedented levels of ego, greed and disregard for moral and ethical standards have taken center stage, William De Temple is a Team Leader and Corporate Builder with an unwavering belief in the value of Honor and Integrity. William is a man of boundless energy who attacks his goals through outstanding team building skills and leadership qualities." 

Edward Alvarez

  • Managing Director - WHB Capital Resources

  • www.nperspective.com

  • "William DeTemple is a man of tireless enthusiasm for creative ideas and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. William looks at obstacles as opportunities and supports developing the best in the people that associate with him. He demonstrates compassion for the common man without sacrificing high standards of performance." 

    Pamela L. Scott

  • Retired Partner - KPMG

  • "I have sat across the table from William De Temple as a senior lender during complex negotiations. My experience is that William is a tireless, tenacious turnaround specialist with excellent communication and listening skills, and that he puts his fiduciary duty to his shareholders and stakeholders above all else."

    Dr. Jonathan P. Knight

  • President - CTI Capital Management

  • "While working with Mr. De Temple on a complex and difficult project, I found him to be a capable, competent, and seasoned executive who approached the task at hand with a tireless and positive approach. I would wholeheartedly recommend him in an executive management role." 

    Wesley D Scovanner

  • CFO - Insurance Office of America, Inc.

  • www.ioausa.com

  • I've worked with William De Temple for more than twenty five years as a fellow member of a CEO roundtable, then as a member of his corporate advisory board. William is a rare breed of business people, capable of hatching and nurturing great ideas that turn into great enterprises. There are few individuals you'll ever meet with more determination to get the job done, the vision realized, the customer satisfied and anxious for more.

    Dave Berkus

  • Managing Partner - Kodiak Ventures, L.P.

  • www.berkus.com

  • "I've worked with William on several projects and have found him to be straightforward and very determined in his drive to get goals accomplished. He has strong management skills and the ability to get things done quickly. William has an uncanny ability to drive the process forward and demand progress from those holding the process up!" 

    C. Russell Slappey, CPA

  • Managing Partner - Nperspective, LLC - CFO and Controller Services

  • www.nperspective.com

  • "William De Temple is an amazing executive who leads by example. Driven by his insatiable desire for quality and excellence, William can size up a situation and quickly identify opportunities for process improvements, increased revenue and profit growth. Driven, driven, driven. There's no better way to describe William. 'Good enough' is not part of Mr. De Temple's vocabulary."

    Ron Hutton

  • CEO Breakaway - Marketing Inc.

  • www.nperspective.com

  • "I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with William in one of the companies he built. Never have I seen a man so self-driven and still able to have many great attributes. He is creative, strategic, knowledgeable, experienced and a people person. I am very lucky to have worked with such a talented person."

    Brad Bastyr

  • formerly VP-Finance for Unefi, Inc.

  • "William De Temple is perhaps the most highly motivated, dogged senior manager I've ever encountered. His exceptional resilience, fortitude, energy, communications skills, and buoyant optimism have made him a dynamic entrepreneurial leader, and a great team player as well. William's technical skills, voracious appetite for information, and sales talents add up to make him a valuable resource for all kinds of marketers of products and services. I can only wish our current revenues permitted us to add him to our staff. If your firm can, you are fortunate indeed." 

    Mike Riley

  • President - Public Enterprise Group, Inc.

  • "William De Temple is a longtime valued friend, visionary and true entrepreneur. He has a most impressive track record in marketing a wide range of products throughout North America and Internationally. William has excelled at all levels of senior management including as President and CEO of corporations. He is a dynamic leader who has the unique ability to see marketing possibilities and with courage, skill and total commitment, he builds successful profitable companies."

    Bert Kennedy

  • President - Executive Development Services

  • "In the last ten years I have seen William work non-stop at building or expanding new businesses. He is a master at creating the business plan, then working with the people involved to execute it. In the world of finance he knows firms and people all across the country that can invest the money needed for sound business expansion. William's cheerful attitude makes it a pleasure to work with him." 

    Erlend Peterson

  • CFP Author and Financial Advisor

  • "For over fifteen years I have observed William's creative blend of forward thinking and sound management techniques. I have seen him perform as an asset in a number of positions with different organizations, always creating value for the customer as well as profits for the company that avails itself of his services." 

    Carlos Leal

  • CEO QualData, Inc.

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    Mr. De Temple is a seasoned senior executive , Board Member with a track record of more than forty years of accomplishments in a number of industries both domestically and internationally.

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